Flame Cutting

Oxy-fuel cutting is a cost-effective option that's suitable for medium to thick materials. We can produce the parts you need, when you need them while staying within budget.

The Oxy-fuel cutting process involves a chemical reaction between pure oxygen and steel, forming iron oxide. Preheated flames are used to raise the surface temperature of the steel to approximately 1800°F, causing the steel to glow bright red. Pure oxygen is then directed using the torch head towards the heated area in thin compressed stream. As the steel begins to oxidize and blow away, it forms a space. The stream of oxygen and preheat fuel is directed at a constant speed to create a continuous cut. Low carbon steel and low alloys are suitable materials. This process is economical as operating several cutting torches at once can greatly increase the amount of parts being produced. Flame cutting consumables are low cost allowing us to offer great rates. Our facility operates two CNC flame cutting machines with a combined cutting space of 520.83 Square Inches. These machines each have six cutting torches capable of operating simultaneously. We are capable of cutting material ranging from 1/2″ to 20″ in thickness.